Permaculture is a holistic, multi-disciplinary design philosophy that focuses on sustainability issues and strategies for re- integrating humans into the natural world by observing and working with natural processes.  While we are not “permaculture purists”, we are committed to finding and utilizing production methods that are compatible with this philosophy and that improve the health of the land and ALL of its life forms.

Many of permaculture’s guiding principles and foundations are based on common-sense knowledge that was taken for granted by our ancestors.  Through the generations, much of this knowledge has been put aside in favor of new and “better” ways.  The consequences of this “progress” are becoming clearer by the day – overpopulation, environmental pollution and degradation, economic crises, etc., etc.  The many facets of permaculture offer strategies by which humans can live more healthful and meaningful lives in greater harmony with each other and the natural world.

Bamboo is perhaps the ultimate “permaculture plant” – being infinitely useful, rapidly renewable, and even edible.  With its literally thousands of potential uses, bamboo has the potential to aid humans in transitioning from the petroleum age to a more sustainable, earth-friendly existence.

Besides our work with bamboo and edible perennials, other permaculture-inspired projects we have undertaken include small-scale rainwater catchment, vermiculture, and organic vegetable and fruit cultivation.  Also along these lines, the creation and maintenance of wildlife habitat is a prime consideration in all that we do.  As our time, energy, and funds allow, we plan to expand on these projects and implement others in an effort to make the farm’s operations and our lives more sustainable.

We will update this page as these projects become reality.  For more information on permaculture, check out our Links page.

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